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To Percha…

Alessia Giovannini, an Italian writer I recently discovered, explores the secret power of horses in her work.

Reading her book has been a source of inspiration for me, and I decided to share some passages in English, using a bit of AI assistance to preserve their poetic essence.

I dedicate this poem to my soul companion, Percha. I hope you find it as moving as I do…

My horse has taught me that erratic thoughts make a deafening noise. That my uncontrolled emotions break the flow of inner peace and have a roar similar to a waterfall. He has taught me that worrying about the future, the weight of the past, and the anxiety of the present take me to a faraway place where I lose both him and myself, and where what remains is only distance. And that my silence is anything but silence. Each time, then, it is a rediscovery. A rediscovery of ourselves. It is a journey of return. I am there waiting for myself at the end of the path. There is his gaze, which has become my eyes, looking at me in a way I have never seen myself. There is a beauty in me made of tears that he accepts in silence and wrinkles of skin that he does not care about. There are crumpled loves inside me and the time of Now that, together with him, passes on my forehead as lightly as youth dances. There is my child's sun, when I reached out my hand towards a kite. We are together, in that eternal present that I have chased all my life. And there is that moment of me, where I, thanks to him, am no longer alone.

Thank you my soulmate. For every moment of silent love you give me, showing me the power of being in the NOW. I love you in a way that words cannot express.

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