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About the coaching 

Create the right mind, attitude and emotional approach in your life, embodying into a journey within yourself where you will find the horse as the voice of your inner guide. Embrace a life change, learning emotional intelligence, body awareness and sense of self and environment as horses do. This will allow you to heal from traumas, to move forward rather than being stacked in the past and patterns and to be fully empowered in this life. The program is based on the “Medicine Horse Way” founded by Carol Roush and inspired by the Eponaquest program funded by Linda Kohanov.

Starting this journey will bring you a new, revolutionary but also ancient way to look at life. It will show you the most natural, instinctual and authentic way of the horses and give tools to incorporate this way in your life. During the program you will work to develop personal skills, which will help you to face your life in the best way for yourself and to move forward with passion and inner peace. The life difficulties, tragedies and struggles will become moments of opportunity, transformation and growth. The horse is the vehicle which will drive us through this journey, which will give us insights and will help us to connect to our deeper self. In every session there is one part of “theory” where meditation tools and emotional intelligence are explained and used. The second part of the session is done together with the horse, where there is no verbal communication. Fully embracing this way means to be able to heal yourself and to discover your real power and energy.

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