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Letting go…

Updated: May 4

we often live, having this inner feeling of: "I need to do...". It doesn't really matter what. The society of today is goal and task oriented, which brings all of us to constantly look for the next step, always thinking what we should do and what we should not do. This feeling extends from simple things of daily life to more complicated things like "what shall I do with my life, what's my next step" etc...We constantly go from thinking about food shopping, what to eat for dinner, laundry and tidy up, to what we need to do at work, if our work satisfies us, if it's time to change, and so on...And we constantly think, and we constantly do...

A very nice extract of a book I read some days ago was saying something very interesting, it was about the connection between "doing" and "loving". It point out that often the way to love is by doing something for the others, we need to show the love by doing things. We do this also with animals, we think of showing love to them by doing things for them. The nurturer role is a common one especially amongst women, and it's common in the horse world. We have the idea that love is something we need to quantify. Now, what would happen if we stop doing? what if we let go of all those ideas of doing, pushing, keep on going? If we look at a horse herd the way how they show love and create connections and relationships is not by doing things for each other, is simply by being together. Just being is enough. We eat together, we share the space, we rest, we play sometimes! Playing is the only action which has no purpose. How many times do you play? How many times do you simply be? How many time you spend time with your loved ones without thinking anything, doing anything, wanting anything? And how many times do you do this with your horse?

Often the best way to connect with our beloved ones (especially 4 legs) is simply being, together, sharing the same moment, in silence.

There is this place of stillness where everything slows down, where time expands, and every breath counts. Those are the moments which give energy, which full fill the soul and give peace.

It's time to let go of all the doing, of the "I should" , the sensation that we must walk to a specific place towards a specific goal, accomplish a task. It's time to let our lives flow with a more natural pace, much slower, full of more silence. It's time to let go of the modern human way and give space to the way of the horse, where the time has a much different taste, it's nothing to chase, it's something to breath in.

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