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From “the secret power of the horses” of Alessia Giovannini

My horse has shown me that when you travel inside another’s soul, sooner or later you encounter their wounds, fears, and resistances. You either fall into them or crash against them.

We travel together every day. Sometimes the next step seems impossible. Maybe there’s a precipice (a fear) or a ditch (a wound) or a wall (a resistance). So, before continuing, we sit together.

You need to prepare yourself when the step to be taken is difficult. You can get lost in a wrong step. It only takes a moment.

But staying still makes you lose even more. Because that wound festers if you don’t heal it.

The fear will end up flowing in place of your blood, and the wall will cling to you like ivy if you don’t move.

So, we stay there as long as it takes and make friends with the precipice, the ditch, or the wall, and when we are together, we move forward.

He made me discover that love that says: “don’t be afraid, I’m holding you.”

This is how we have faced our dragons, each on our own, yet together.

I don’t know if you can hold a horse’s hoof like you hold a child’s hand. But I know for sure that he holds my inner child’s hand every moment as we break down our walls, jump over our ditches, and kiss the frogs that each of us carries inside.

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