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Riding lesson


Riding lessons are meant for students who already did groundwork lessons and bit work lesson. The reason for that is because we will transfer all the concepts and the tools learned from the ground to the saddle where the situation becomes more critical for both horse and rider. Depending on the level of the rider the lesson might focus on Centered Riding, which focuses on the rider position in the saddle standing still and in all 3 gates. Once the basics of Centered riding are established (a rider which can independently walk, trot and canter with aids independence), the work focuses on the gymnastic of the horse in all 3 gates, with self carriage and mouth relaxation exercises, neck extension, lateral movements. For beginners the Centered Riding part will be mainly done on the lounge. The riding lesson duration is between 45 and 60min. Again here we respect horse time and we adjust in respect of the horse needs. Equipment are saddle, proper riding clothes and boots, cap, bridle with simple snaffle, riding stick. Keep in mind: we always do groundwork before start riding!


  • Fair to Horses

    Merenweg 25, Bleiswijk, Netherlands

  • 45 minutes
  • 61 euro
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