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The lesson is developed on the ground only (no riding). In this lesson you will learn the basic of the groundwork: meaning of different pressures, learning to read horse responses, timing of release of pressures, the basic of the horse learning along the schooling. The basics of the communication with the horse, the horse language, is the main learning key of this lesson. Moreover, groundwork can be a great gymnastic for the horse in preparation of riding and for its wellbeing, so in the progression of the work different exercises are taught to proper lounge your horse and improve his physical condition. Equipment is a rope halter, a rope and a carrot stick. The duration of the lesson is between 45 and 60min, there is not a fix time, because with horses time do not exist :). A round-pen or a small arena is preferable to start.


  • Fair to Horses

    Merenweg 25, Bleiswijk, Netherlands

  • 45 minutes
  • 61 euro
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