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Bit work in hand


In our way of riding the bit plays a very important role. Through the bit, in fact, we achieve relaxation and we help the horse to find stability. Gymnastic is the key to have an healthy horse, with the bit we improve the lateral flexibility of the horse neck, teaching the horse self carriage, and balance with different head/neck position, from neck extension to collection. The relationship with the rider hand is therefore crucial in the training. The bit work on the ground is a fantastic way to establish a good relationship with the horse mouth through the bit, and practice all the exercise which will be then performed under saddle. Equipment for this work are the bridle with just a snaffle and a riding stick. Duration of this lesson is a maximum of 45 min.


  • Fair to Horses

    Merenweg 25, Bleiswijk, Netherlands

  • 45 minutes
  • 61 euro
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